Hostel Humans

This page is dedicated to showcasing all of the amazing people I have the pleasure of meeting throughout my travels.

Madrid, Spain

  • Simon 19, Germany: Walked across the entirity of Spain in 32 days.
  • Anyonymous: I met a girl while in Madrid whose year round trip had been put to a halt becuase her finance had kidney failure in the hostel and has been in the ICU ever since. They had just gotten engaged in Greece 2 weeks ago and still had 6 months left of their trip. She has been fighting with the insurance company ever since to try and get them to pay for a much needed flight home so he can get the transplant needed to save his life.
  • Steve 22, New Hampire, USA: Steve is a recent college graduate traveling around until he starts his job in October. We struck up a conversation in the hostel lobby while watching the Euro cup. I mentioned that I attended school at the University of Wisconsin Madison and he said that his brother went there too. I asked what his name was on a whim and it happened to be one of my good friends! Small world moment forsure.

Tamraght, Morocco

  • 13138950_1373061899387577_5812961344313936326_nDevon 20, Ohio, USA: Dev is a girl who is in the same internahip program as me in Morocco. We both arrived in Morocco before our starting date and decided to meet up and do some exploring before we have to get to work. She is one of the most bubbly, fun, hard working, intelligent, girls I have ever met and I can already tell we are going to have a blast together these next 5 weeks.
  • Anne and Niels 23/21, Denmark: A brother sister duo who took a week long vacation to head down and get some sun in Morocco. They are also the super active ones who I ran 8 miles with along the beach.
  • Aeden and Lorenzo 21, Honduras/Italy: Film students who had just graduated after studying in Prague for a year and decided to celebrate by coming down to Morocco for 3 weeks.

Essauoria, Morocco

  • Tim, Paula, Friedrich 20/19/19, Giessen, Germany: Three friends taking a gap year who decided to come to Morocco for 6 weeks. They rented a car and have been to 15+ cities throughout the entire country.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

  • Izzy and Harry 20/20, Australia: Out exploring on their winter break they have gone to France, Spain, and Morocco. Spent 3 days sharing a room with them in Chefchaouen and shared many laughs as well as many hikes to the top of the Spanish Mosque at night.
  • Joan and Maria 22/24, Portugal: Drove from Portugal to Morocco in their car. Also have hitch hiked from Portugal to Croatia. Some of the nicest people I have ever met on and Maria studies Chinese Medicine which I found to be fascinating.