Bucket list

  1. Complete one of the major marathons of the world
  2. Eat Pad Thai in Thailand (Thailand 2017)
  3. See the Northern Lights (Iceland 2016 – jk never did see them)
  4. Attend the Olympics
  5. Live in Australia (Sept 2017 – January 2018)
  6. Work in a hostel
  7. Go on a camping trip for more than a week
  8. Return to Sweden – (August 2016)
  9. Go to Oktoberfest
  10. See the National Parks in Utah
  11. New Years in New York City  (Colombia trip 2016)
  12. See the 12 wonders of the world
  13. Volunteer Abroad (Sri Lanka July 2015)
  14. Take a road trip
  15. Spend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  16. Go on a segway tour
  17. See the desert Penguins in Chile
  18. Go white water rafting (Sri Lanka)
  19. Climb a mountain (Cuidad de Perdida – Colombia 2016)
  20. Solo Hike (50 miles – Iceland 2016)
  21. Cuba
  22. See every Disney World (Disney Paris, Disney Japan left)
  23. Walk on clouds in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

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