Vietnam and Indonesia


Hey guys, 3 months later and I finally got around to posting my Southeast Asia pictures. To see them all click HERE.

This was the first trip I have gone on without my laptop, hence the lack of posts, so I will do a quick overview of some of the trip highlights.



I arrived at the Bali airport early in the morning on May 16th. 28+ hours of travel had left me in desperate need of a shower and nap, so I wasted no time hopping into a taxi and heading to my hostel in the city of Ubud.

Ubud is a smaller city about 45 minutes from the airport. People say it is a fresh of breathe air when compared to the more tourists/party oriented cities of Kuta and Canggu (and they are right). I spent 3 days in Ubud eating at the delicious (and vegetarian/vegan friendly) cafes. The main attraction in the city is a Monkey Temple where monkeys by the hundreds roam freely around. May sound like fun, but I tell you those “cute” little monkeys can be quite the vicious creatures when they want to be. Needless to say, I got my pictures and then got the heck out.

After Ubud I went to a Canggu which reminded me a lot more of Cancun/Mexico. There were huge parties on the beach every night and it was a lot more developed with lots of cafes and shops lining the streets.




I arrived in Vietnam with the intention of staying for a day or two to say hi to my friend, Devon, who was in Ho Chi Minh at the time before crossing over into Cambodia. However, I did not end up sticking to said plan and instead decided to stay in Vietnam for the duration of my trip.

Devon and I started in Ho Chi Minh and then made our way up the entire country ending in Hanoi. We made stops in Hoi An where I got two handmade dresses and in Da lat where we rented scooters and hiked to elephant falls. That was followed by a 3 day break in Phang Na national park where we spent our days exploring the famous caves before heading to the island of Cat Ba to see the Ha Long Bay rocks Vietnam is known for. Our trip came to a close in Hanoi where we tried the notorious “egg coffee” which tastes way better then it sounds (trust me).

All in all it was an amazing trip and I can guarantee Southeast Asia will be seeing more of me in the future.


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