Change of Plans


In my previous post I had mentioned that I was going to hike the famous Toubkal mountain this weekend; however, unfortunately the weather had other plans for me. Here in Morocco (especially in Marrakech where the mountain is located) the tempatures have been reaching record highs of over 100 F – not exactly ideal hiking weather if you ask me. Instead, my weekend was filled with long lazy mornings, trips to the beach, and most importantly many games of the Euro Cup (Go Iceland!).

Tomorrow, I am heading out to Essaouria, a little beach town 3 hours north of Agadir. Thursday is a work day and Friday we are having a farewell party for the city of Agadir because on Sunday I will be moving to Marrakech for the remaining two weeks. I am excited to move on to a new city, but also very sad because Agadir truly did capture my heart.

Also, there are lots more posts on the This is My Morocco blog – so check them out!

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