The Final Countdown

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Sad she can’t come with 😦 

There are few things in life I dread more then the final days before a big trip.

The days when all the little errands start to really add up. Go to the bank, call the credit card companies, get travel insurance, spend obscene amount of money at Walgreens, print boarding passes, buy extra socks, book hostels, the list goes on and on.

The days filled with sad good-byes to friends you will not see until Thanksgiving and family you won’t see until fall.

The days spent thinking of all the “lasts”. The last night you sleep in your own bed. The last peanut butter and jelly you eat for 3 months. The last run you go on, the last shower you take.

The nights spent running over every last detail in my head. Did I remember to pack every single minuscule item I deemed necessary? Probably not. Will I end up bringing things that will not be touched throughout my entire three month trip? Probably.

Worst of all is the anticipation. The unknown. The reason why I love to travel so much. The fact that I have no idea what city I will be in a week from now both terrifies and excites me like no other.

Thankfully I have survived the dreaded errands, good-byes, and sleepless nights: now all that is left is for me to step on that plane tomorrow. For now I am off to walk my dog for the “last” time and enjoy my “last” trip to Kopps custard – next time you hear from me it will be from Lisbon! =D

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