Ciudad Perdida

A view of the City *not my picture

A view of the City *not my picture

When people think of famous old cities on top of mountains, Machu Picchu is normally the first (and only) one to come to mind. However, long before Machu Picchu (650 years to be exact) there was another great civilization in the making.

1,300 meters high lays the ancient city of Teyuna – now called Ciudad Perdida aka The Lost City. Rightfully named because after the Spanish chased out the 4,000-10,000 Tayrona people estimated to have lived there it remains untouched for nearly 400 years until in 1972 a few lucky hunters happen to stumble upon this lost gem.

The local Kogi People *not my picture

The local Kogi People *not my picture

In 1975 the Government seized the city in order to persevere its ancient beauty as well as protect the native Kogi people, thought to be decent dents of the Tayrona, who still live in the surrounding forests.

Now a days four main tour groups run tours to the ancient city. Ranging between 4-6 days and trips cost exactly the same no matter how many days you go and what company you use. Each year the set price changes, but this years was 700,000 pesos which is ruffly $225 dollars.

The hike is 53 km round trip and requires crossing rivers, climbing rocks, and many, many steps to the top. Donkeys follow us carrying our cooking/sleeping gear, but besides that we must carry everything else on our back, meaning I will be taking the term “packing light” to a whole other level. Another cool feature is that we sleep in hammocks every night to avoid being bitten by god knows what kind of bugs lurk in the amazon forest.

I chose to do the 5 day hike. Too see the full itinerary click HERE

I could not be more excited to go. The more I research Colombia, the more incredible of a country it seems to be. If you want to read more reasons as to why Colombia should defiantly be on your bucket list click on any of these below:

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Only 112 days until I leave!


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