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Or København as the natives would say is said to be the worlds third happiest country – according to the “World’s Happiness Report” which yes – apparently is a real thing. (I could not make this stuff up if I wanted too).  Don’t believe me? Click here to read the full report.

I went to Copenhagen many times during my stay in Sweden because all it took was an easy hour and a half train ride to get there.

If you happen to find yourself in this glorious country I would defiantly reccommend getting lunch at Nyhavn which is the famous street with all the colorful houses that is on basically every postcard. Each building houses a different restaurant and the menus are both in Dansk and English so you don’t have to worry about ordering mystery food. I would highly recommend getting one of the smorgasbord sandwiches. They are open faced and offer all sorts variety from egg, mayo, and shrimp, to meats, cheese, etc.

Another must see would be the famous Tivoli Gardens which also happens to be the worlds second oldest amusement park. I really wish I had taken more pictures so I could show you guys just how amazing the inside of the park actually is, but I guess that just means you all will have to go and see it for yourselves! There are four roller coasters, numerous restaurants, a gorgeous theater, and even an aquarium. One thing that really appealed to me about Tivoli was the fact that it was not a giant park like Disney, but rather much smaller making it much more manageable and quaint.

Copenhagen’s most famous landmark could arguably be the little mermaid statue that I have pictured above. However, I must admit it was quite the disappointment. Being an American I am used to famous landmarks being giant, over the top, spectacles, so you can image how surprised I was when I pulled up to the famous statue and saw that it was smaller than I was! Okay, that may be an understatement, but still I was surprised to say the least. If you are intrigued by the back story as to why Copenhagen has a little mermaid statue in the first place click here to read more.

My biggest regret while in Denmark was the fact that I did not have the chance to see Christiania, the famous lawless city. (Tears) Oh well all the more reason to go back! Need more reason as to why you should visit the famous hippy city? Click here!

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