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Pizza. Pasta. Gelato. Italy really does do them all better – so if you have a crazy idea that you are going to stay on your diet while visiting this country made on carbs I must warn that you are sadly mistaken. My mouth is watering just thinking about all the goodness that graced my taste buds during my time there!

I spent most of my short stay in Lido de Jesolo, Italy which is a small beach town and you can read all about HERE. However, I did venture into Venice for one glorious day. I woke up bright and early and took the bus to the “People Mover” because buses are not allowed in the city – I can see why too because the streets are so tight, compacts, twisty, and turn I myself could barely navigate them on foot! The “People Mover” is a driverless train that transports people from the mainland into the city in a matter of minutes. It is cheap, fast, and a really cool way to see the city from the outside, so if visiting Venice I would highly recommend this as your transportation in.

When most people think of Italy the first image to come to mind usual involves dainty cobble stone streets, canals fills with gondolas, and super old buildings with flowers overflowing from the balcony – am I right? Well I am here to tell you that Venice not only fulfills all of these stereotypical images of Italy, but exceeds them! I started my day off with a two hour tour all throughout the streets of Venezia. My favorite part of the tour was seeing old churches and buildings from the 1400s, to think of all that they have been through and are still standing is pretty amazing.

After the tour I was starving (naturally) which meant it was time for some Italian pizza! My friend Luisa and I found a cute little cafe where proceeded to stuff our faces with veggie and margarita pizzas. It was about as close to heaven as one can get. In the afternoon I had the privilege of going to the Murano island (aka The Glass Island) where they still practice the ancient art of glass blowing. Want to read more? Click HERE. Not many tourists are allowed to see this, so it was true an amazing experience that I will never forget – and neither will my wallet because before I left I hit up the local shops and spent a small fortune on some beautiful glass blown earring, necklaces, and bracelets. #noregrets.

Before I left Venice there was one last item I needed to cross of my bucket list – the most tourist of tourist activities to do while in Italy, take a gondola ride. I mean if anything I had to do it for the super cute, profile pic worthy, pictures am I right? The gondola itself was gorgeous, those things defiantly must cost a pretty penny, but the ride was just so-so. There were SO many gondolas jam packed all around us it somewhat took away from the romantic aspect of it. The saddest part of all was that my gondolier did not even sing to us, thus crushing my dreams a tad. Non the less it was a very cool way to see the city, but to be honest if you are going to Venice I would recommend skipping this excursion and spending the money on more important things – such as pizza.

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